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Today In News: Janelle Monea Poses Topless In Rolling Stone

This piece of news came across my desk today, and I wanted to make sure it didn't slip through the cracks. Today is a big day at Barstool Sports with The Dozen tournament happening, so my guess is our number of blogs will be lower than an a normal Monday. But The Dozen tournament is no excuse to not report the the news of the day.

Rolling Stone - Janelle Monáe slides down the front zipper on her onesie, slings the suit down her back, and wiggles her bare ass toward about 20 of her dear friends. 

Unfortunately, the remainder of the article is hidden behind a paywall, so I'll have to make do with nothing more than the first sentence. It's interesting to note that despite the first sentence, the pictures from the article (or should I say the cover photo + the pictures I was able to find on Twitter), her bare ass does NOT appear to be out, which implies there was a different time during which Janelle Monae slid down the front zipper on her onesie, and wiggled her bare ass towards about 20 of her dear friends.

Conversely, this particular Rolling Stone cover features a topless Janelle Monet covering her bare breasts with her hands. 

But Janelle Monae didn't stop there. In additional photos, Monae gussies up in outfit that I do not have a vocabulary extensive enough to describe, but they feature a lot of metal and plenty of exposed skin.

Due to the pay wall, there is no way of knowing what this article was about, or why Janelle Monea blessed us with a series of provocative pictures on a Monday morning, or what the purpose of the photoshoot was. It could be for any reason. Did she save a child from burning building? Does she have a new movie coming out? Does she have a new song?  Is she a singer or an actress? Nobody knows. 

Additionally, if you type in "Janelle Monea" into a twitter search, you will come across a video that I do not think I am allowed to post on the blog, but I would be remiss if I didn't direct you to do so.

P.S. I know she's an actress