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Taylor Swift's Ex Joe Alwyn Speaks Out And Apparently Feels "Distraught and Slighted" Over Taylor's New Relationship With Matty Healy

Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn feels 'distraught and slighted' by her new romance with British singer Matty Healy - after putting his 'trust in her' when she told him that she was just 'friends' with The 1975 frontman. 

Rumors of Taylor, 33, and 34-year-old Matty's relationship first surfaced earlier this month, just weeks after the news of her split from British actor Joe, 32 - whom she dated for six years - was made public. 

According to a source with exclusive inside knowledge about the situation, Joe is very unhappy that his former partner has moved on so quickly - particularly after he put his 'trust' in Taylor when she began collaborating with Matty during the final months of their relationship. 

Alright. I ride or die for Taylor no matter what, we all know this. But I'd be a liar if I didn't say I understand where Joe is coming from here. There's always that one person, when you and your significant other breakup, where you just know that something had always been brewing below the surface. No matter what they say, they'd be the #1 WORST person for them to suddenly be dating. This happened to Joe. And I'll say this - Taylor does this often! She's a homie hopper, nothing wrong with that, but she knows what she wants when she wants it. If I'm Joe, "distraught and slighted" is the least of my feelings.

At the same time - it sounds like they broke up because he was insecure, and because they basically lived their lives in private. Taylor's even thrown some shade at her concerts, saying things like, "it's not that hard to get someone back, it's not that hard to propose" when introducing songs of hers. Ever since Matty Healy came around, we've seen Taylor out and about more than we have in the last 6 years. So I mean....snooze ya lose Joe! Sorry bout it!