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VIDEO: Loser Sports Dad Picks the Wrong Youth Basketball Referee to Get Handsy With

This video went viral but is still fairly fresh off the vine, so as yet I haven't been able to attach any names to the two combatants. Just that a parent came out of the stands (which is never a good thing), onto the floor (even worse), words were exchanged (a disaster every time it's tried), followed (as they inevitably are) by fists. And the angry dad in the smedium t-shirt with his Oakleys on the bill of his hat ended up flat on his back at the bottom of a pile of black and white vertical stripes. 

Let's hope this pathetic rageaholic got a painful lesson as his ass hit the hardwood. You've got to size up your opponent with caution. It's Psycho Sports Dad 101: When you decide to make physical contact, you'd better plan on owning him. There are no draws in parent-officials fights. No split decisions. In the words of the great Mike Ehrmantraut, there can be no half measures. Any time you leave your seat and enter the ref's octagon, the bout has to end by knockout. And this guy chose poorly.

I can't say if this was the dad's first fight at one of his kids' games, but I can promise you it wasn't this ref's. I'm sure he's got chunks of parents like this loser in his stool. How else you explain him taking down a guy a good 50-60 pounds bigger than him and probably 20 years younger? Or that perfect form tackle? Leading with his shoulder, wrapping up, grabbing cloth on the back, driving with his legs. Low man winning, as always. Once this video is used to ban this asshole from all Fort Wayne youth sporting events and possibly his court case, it belongs in a coaching tape teaching the perfect technique.

And spare us the "This is why we don't have officials" ragtime. The men who strap on the whistle are a rare breed. The few. The proud. Youth sports officials go where angels fear to tread. There's a sign over the door of every ref locker room in America that says "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here." At least there should be. Getting to whomp on a crackpot dad like this one is a perk of the job. It draws men like this the way the Coliseum attracted those who craved the glory that could only come from hacking another man's limbs off. And if someone came down out of the stands to challenge a gladiator, they were shown no more mercy than this clown got. 

All hail, Fort Wayne youth league referee. I'm glad to see you Hoosiers still take basketball seriously.