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The Internet Has Never Been More Wrong Than Doubting This Woman And Visionary Who Served Chili's At Her Wedding

Everyone meet my new hero, Madison Mulkey.

Madison should be mentioned alongside the all-time greats: Da Vinci, Einstein, Mulkey. For centuries, we've been serving shitty, overpriced food at weddings because it looks nice and makes people feel fancy for an hour. And then Madison came busting onto the scene like Stone Cold Steve Austin and said, "Fuck all that, we're serving Chili's."

She and her husband bonded over their love of the outstanding chain when they were dating and decided it would be a great way to celebrate their marriage.

I have little doubt in my mind this was the best wedding ever. There may be no bigger rush than finishing up the ceremony, thinking you're about to have to eat some dry-ass salmon and then finding out there are actually Chicken Crispers and Big Mouth Bites waiting at a buffet. This woman is a hero.

Unfortunately, some haters and losers on the internet are devout in their adherence to the traditional (shitty) way of serving food at weddings, because they attacked Madison for her vision — just as many other great minds were ridiculed in their time.

This is big-time hating from outside the club energy. Y'all enjoy your steak that needs a machete to cut through, the rest of us will be at Madison's reception housing Southwestern Egg Rolls and margs.

The world would be a much more tolerable place if some of these loser commenters would get a 3 For $10 and shut the fuck up.