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Ben Roethlisberger Admits That He Didn't Want Kenny Pickett To Succeed With The Steelers Early On

I actually love that Big Ben said this because if he said the opposite he'd be lying. You can lie to the media all you want but when you are a franchises quarterback for so long you 100% do not want a guy stepping in with basically the same team you had and succeed because everyone will forget you real quick. You want a Zach Wilson coming to your team and stinking it up so bad that every fan is begging to have you back. 

I've always said a backup quarterback "rooting" for the starter is just wrong. You always want that guy to fuck up so you can get your shine and show what you have. That is part of sports and if you aren't like that than you are kind of a pussy. You want to be competitive and thats what makes a good team. If you think that this is the wrong take than you are an absolute loser and don't have a competitive bone in your body. 

Kenny is the man and is going to be very successful in the NFL. That being said it was tough when we first met over text. Jersey Jerry gave him my number to get him back stage at the Morgan Wallen concert and he thought I was a security guard at MSG trying to help him out. He later realized what happened and now I will always root for him now.