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Carmelo Anthony Officially Announced His Retirement From The NBA, So Let's Look Back At The Best On Court And Off Court Moments From His Career #STAYME7O

I guess we can stop linking Melo to the Knicks to fill the last veteran role on their bench now that he has officially called it a career with a lovely prepared video that should have him in the running for Father of the Year as the incredible stylings of Ghostface Killah softly played in the background. I personally would've went with the #GOME7O hashtag over #STAYME7O. But I admittedly never understood much about #STAYME7O since it was usually tweeted in a cryptic message during some stormy times with the Knicks. 

Anyway, Carmelo Anthony is hanging them up with some outright impressive numbers.

Add some Olympics gold medals on top, which Melo said was pretty much equal to an NBA championship, and you have a flat out incredible career.

Melo's time with the Knicks definitely had their ups and downs. A good chunk of the downs were thanks to the clown show in the front office, even though Melo wasn't blameless. But no Knicks fan can deny that trading for Carmelo Anthony followed by the subsequent "I'm Coming Home" video and first intro at MSG was one of the biggest highs this fanbase felt during this century, even if that admittedly isn't the highest bar to clear.

Melo also led the Knicks to their only playoff series win since 2000 before this season's Knicks run, which was a super fun season even if it ended in heartbreak with the ball in Melo's hands.


You also had the infamous Bulls game on Easter.

62 on the Bobcats.

As well as countless more buckets.

Those numbers don't even include the points scored by the two most unstoppable forces ever to grace a basketball court: O7ympic Me7o and Hoodie Me7o.


However Melo's biggest contribution may have been the entertainment he brought off the court, which usually ended with him being blogged on this here website.



You also cannot discuss Carmelo Anthony's basketball career without bringing up him carrying Cuse to a National Championship as a freshman to give Jim Boeheim his only title.


I also guess you cannot discuss Carmelo Anthony's basketball career without bringing up his time with the Hawks that resulted in them sending him his unused jersey after he passed through the ATL without ever playing a minute for them.

Actually you can probably do that just fine. There's a bunch of Nuggets stuff we could probably hit, but I'll save that for Barstool's Denver blogger since that franchise has bigger things on their mind right now as another number 15 looks to get them into the NBA Finals tonight.

Nonetheless, thus ends the career of an absolute legend. Hopefully one day my old ass is blogging about his son putting up crooked numbers in the box score like his pops. #STAYME7O