Guess That City: Thousands Gather To Cheer On Elite, Probably Less-Than-Sober, Athletes Taking Part In Greased Pole Climbing Competition

If your guess was anything other than Philadelphia then I'd just like to take a second and congratulate you for waking up from that coma you've been in. 

Tradition is part of what makes the human experience so special. The unstoppable march of time is always beating forward. Each day the sun comes up, the Earth does another rotation, and we move further and further from the past. Time is moving so rapidly that it would be easy to lose what it means to be who we are if not for taking the time to honor the traditions of those who came before us. 

And that tradition in the city of Philadelphia is climbing up a bunch of greased poles. 

No city on the planet has ever done it better than Philly. Whether it's climbing Crisco'd up poles to celebrate our sports teams winning big games, or shimmying up some lubed poles to grab prizes of meats and cheeses at the Italian Market Festival. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to climbing greased poles, Philly has always done it the best and will forever continue to do it the best. 

Greased poles and rotisserie chicken. That's what Philly does.