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It's Not Even June And Padres Fans Have Already Brought Out The Paper Bags On Their Heads

I honestly don't blame these Padre fans for rocking the paper bags on their heads. This team is LOADED but they are somehow 5 games under .500. For 2 years we've thought this was a World Series caliber team and it almost happened last year, but fans are pissed and rightfully so. Sure the Pads won yesterday but they're 21-26 overall, 2-8 in their last 10 with a run differential on the season of -8. On the year they've scored 3 runs less than the Royals. Yes, the Royals. This is a team that is stocked with talent like Manny Machado and Juan Soto, they added Xander Bogaerts along with a bunch of other studs. How are they not good?

May is a bit early for the paper bags but again, this team shouldn't be 5 games under. This team should be neck and neck with the Dodgers in the division. But that is the difference with LA and San Diego. The Padres have these World Series expectations yet don't seem up for the challenge. This team is way too good and talented to be 4th in that division and only 2 games above the Rockies in the basement. San Diego spent like 56 billion dollars this offseason and this is what they've gotten. Good on ownership for spending, but now the players have to step up and start winning or else more bags are going to come out and they will be completely warranted.