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An 8th Grade Basketball Parent Decided To Try And Beat The Shit Out Of The Ref During A Game, Didn't Work Out Well

Parents are the absolute worst at sporting events. Every kid growing up knows every team you've been on has one crazy dad who thinks his kid is going to the league and he usually sucks. We need parents to have their own section far away fro the court or field because a ref in an 8th grade game should not make you this upset. I can assure you these refs don't get paid enough to take shit from you so leave them alone. Good for this ref standing his ground and taking him down like it was easy. He messed with the wrong ref because he was ready to keep beating the shit out of him. If you ever go and assault a ref for a bad call during your son or daughters basketball game you need a time out. We should have a Time out room before Jail. Like you didn't do anything that bad to go to Jail but we need to put you into timeout and embarrass you in front of your friends because what the fuck are you doing guy.