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Michael Block Capped Off A Storybook Week By DUNKING AN ACE On 15 At The PGA Championship

Man, what a story Michael Block has been this week. If you don't know his story and how he got to the PGA Championship, get yourself familiar. 

The PGA Championship holds a qualifier tournament full of PGA professionals and the top 20 get to compete in this tournament. It's basically a batch of your run of the mill golf teachers who sling lessons at the muni down the street. They're obviously certified sticks, but they have never truly been factor in this tournament. The fact that none of those pros have ever finished in the Top 10 backs that up.

Michael Block is one of those guys... and his commercial from the club he is the head pro at is hilarious

And now he's having the week of his life. He's hung in there on a tough course competing against the world's best, and is threatening to change that Top 10 statistic. He's been hamming it up for the cameras all week and the fans have been eating it up with a spoon. His reaction to finding out he was playing with Rory on a major championship Sunday was pretty surreal

Better yet, he was out at the bar with the common folk Saturday night celebrating another great day out at Oak Hill

But the dunk of an ace…. I mean that's just running up the score. Some serious movie shit. As I write this he's grinding to try to get in the house in the Top 15 to automatically qualify for next year's PGA Championship and by gawd I hope he gets it done…. and that ace just might be the difference. 

What a story. Common man. Legend. Michael Block.

PS: His home club popping the fuck off was AWESOME