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Shockingly, Antonio Brown Is Turning On Everyone In Arena Football

Elsa. Getty Images.

The Antonio Brown Crazy Train is still going full steam ahead and there are no indications it’s stopping. Doesn’t matter what league, whether it’s the NFL or Arena Football, Antonio Brown is here to fuck shit up.

Here’s a quick recap to get you caught up on how it all started.

Basically, AB pushed out one of the other owners, ran off the head coach and multiple MVP players, and then brought back the head coach he fired before the season. With only two days to prepare, Albany would lose their next game to the, until then winless, West Texas Warbirds. It was clear Albany needed more help on the field and there was only one man for the job.

With AB set to suit up on the 27th, there was only one game before then, away at the Jacksonville Sharks. It did not go well. Last night, the Sharks, now led by the MVP QB that AB ran off, easily defeated the Empire. The Sharks social media team did not hold back.

During the games livestream on YouTube, AB hopped on the chat to again claim he owns the entire team, and then also shit on the league his team plays in, calling the NAL “low tier”.


After the game, AB took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the players, coaches, everybody.

And it seems the Empire social media team has had enough of AB, as they sarcastically apologized for not having the MVP players they did have before AB ran them off.

And as I’m writing this blog, we have breaking news out of Albany. Head Coach Tom Menas, the coach AB fired before the start of the season and then brought back two weeks ago, after Menas’ replacement resigned, has now resigned.

I feel for the fans. I really do. The Empire won back to back championships under HC Tom Menas and had a real shot at the threepeat this season. Instead, they now have an erratic owner, their best players have jumped to opposing teams, they’re on their 4th head coach of the season, and the off field issues are more entertaining than the on field product. 


It seems AB will want to take the Empire to the AFL when that league returns next year, but will the AFL want AB? Will there even be an Empire team left after this season?