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Barstool Finance- So you wanna be startin’ something?

Somewhere around 50 weeks ago, Tyler Morin and I pooled together a meager $5,000, called it The Family Office, and set out to invest in a series of small equity positions with the hopes of beating Warren Buffett’s best year investing.  One where the "Oracle of Omaha" was up 44% in 52 weeks, and on a MUCH bigger fund than 5 grand. 

Now Tyler and I are a week-and-a-half away from the full-year deadline, and our mini-fund is only up 22%… A respectable number, but nowhere near Warren’s banner year. 

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So what do we do next year?

Since commenting on and investing in single stocks has become more difficult (particularly from a compliance standpoint- ask Davey Daytrader) we are going to pivot and spend the following 52 weeks highlighting people who are doing what most of us don’t have the balls to do… Create a startup. 

People who had an idea, found the funding, and are creating something that we have never seen before. 

So if you, a friend, a relative, or even an enemy have a new project that they are launching, we’d love to hear about it.

You mean like Shark Tank?

Kinda… But we won’t be investing in any of these ideas. 

You mean like Barstool’s Big Brain?

Also kinda, but we will not allow Frank The Tank another forum to ask for more money. 

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You mean like Mind Your Business, that small video series Large hosted at the beginning of the pandemic that spotlighted small businesses that were pivoting their business models in order to stay afloat? (this was the precursor to the EXTREMELY successful Barstool Fund, but I didn’t get a lick of credit)

Sure, kinda like Mind Your Business, but casting a bigger net…

Since we already have the snazzy graphic drawn up, we will still call it The Family Office…

But Tyler, Ian the Intern, myself, and any other Barstool personality who wants to ride with us will be concentrating on interesting startup ideas that will make our viewers say, “Damn!… I wish I thought of that!” Or, “Damn!… That is the fucking DUMBEST idea I have ever seen!”

Either way, we’ll have some fun with it… And the small questionnaire for potential guests can be found here. Fill it out and we'll be in touch… 

Congrats to Warren Buffett… Still the GOAT. And stay tuned for the best ideas the startup market has to offer. 

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