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Everything About That Preakness Stakes Race Was Awesome ... Even If It Needs To Be Changed In The Future

Yeah, so right off the bat we gotta bring it up. The Preakness sucked. I don't mean the actual race or Pimlico, but the fact that Mage was the only horse who ran in Derby and showed up. Luckily we had Baffert/National Treasure and Brown/Blazing Sevens to give us a hell of a race. Legit awesome but it felt ... weird. I don't know if the answer is to move the Preakness back a few weeks and adjust the triple crown or what, but it needs saving. It's a hell of a party, but it should mean more (like an SEC commercial). 

All that said, let's just talk about the race. Baffert always seems to win, especially this race. It's a Baffert special. Here's the ultimate problem though. The Belmont might be pointless. It should be treated like the old PGA Championship. Hold it later on, have some weird ass champion but compete against the best. Instead we'll have (likely) horses skip out on the last race instead of trying to win a Triple Crown. Again, I don't know the answer I just wish there was an easy one out there. 

Again, it wasn't some crazy upset. It's not like Mage was an UNREAL horse or anything like that. But it's the Kentucky Derby winner coming to Preakness with one race to be ready to run for glory. Not even that, Belmont is bringing back its iconic voice for the last leg. I wish I just trusted the gut, go with the winners: 

Can't wait for Belmont.