Last Year The Orioles Won Their 30th Game On June 19th. It's May 20th And They Just Won Their 30th Game Of The Season In Incredible Fashion Over The Blue Jays

This team man, they don't ever give up. I'm not doing a full game recap but good lord, this was an absolutely incredible win that they snatched from the jaws of defeat. Orioles went up 2-0 thanks to some timely hitting and a Cedric Mullins homer and it felt like the Birds were cruising. Grayson Rodriguez pitched well except for one pitch to George Springer that ended up in the new Jays bullpen. Tie game going into the 6th and then Jays score 1 thanks to Danny Jansen, and then 2 in the 7th. O's go down 5-2 heading into the 8th. 2 outs in the 8th and the Jays bring in their closer, Jordan Romano who serves up a glorious 3-run bomb to Ryan O'Hearn. A tater to end all taters and tie the game when the Orioles looked dead. Absolutely dead in the water and they crawl back. 

An absolute A+ bat flip by O'Hearn too, what a beast. Knew it off the bat and pimped the hell out of it. Blue Jays are super soft so they'll prob throw at someone tomorrow, but oh well. O's end up scoring on a bad throw in the 10th by Matt Chapman and that is when the Mountain came in for his second inning of work. 

The Mountain showed why he's one of the top closers in baseball. 2 innings pitched, 1 hit, 1 walk, 5 Ks. 8 batters faced, 5 Ks. All in high leverage situations, including striking out all 3 guys in extras with the runner on second. Absolutely incredible. The Jays looked defeated. They emptied their bullpen, had a 3 run lead with their closer in, and still lost. Orioles moved to 30-16 on the season. 14 games above .500 and only the second team in baseball with 30 wins. Last year they got their 30th win on June 19th. It's May 20th and they have the second best record in baseball and secured another series win over a team below them in the standings. This team is different. 

I have to give a shoutout to Blue Jays manager John Schneider for butchering this game. Does he know the rules?

He came out for a second visit in the inning and had to remove Alek Manoah even though he didn't want want. You truly hate to see it. Manoah def could have kept going but nope, good move by the umps for being on top of it. Maybe spend less time chirping the opposing teams and learn the rules? Just a thought. It's like the Jays don't care about winning games. They just want to chirp anyone and everyone. Speaking of chirping….


Manoah just loves to mouth off to anyone and everyone. Check your ERA and then figure out if you should be chirping. Him randomly going at….Adam Frazier of all people was weird. Frazier is upset at the umpire and himself for the call and Maonah has to stick his fat face right in the middle. Career worst year but you just have to talk all the time, eh? 

Frazier deserves to be in the Orioles Hall Of Fame for this alone, ripped him a nice one on the way back to the dugout. Hate to see it happen to a guy like Manoah. 

This team is fun, they're playing incredible baseball while they stack wins and get wet. Buy this incredible t-shirt and come get wet with the boys in Baltimore. This team is good, very good.