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Taylor Moore Has To Be The First Man To Two-Hand Tomahawk Throw A Driver In PGA Championship History

Taylor Moore is the 45th-ranked golfer on the planet. That's new news to me — as is somebody doing THIS to their club in frustration at a major tournament.

I don't know if I've fallen in love at first sight with this man's vibe or if I should be immediately not on Moore's side. Any weekend warrior with a little time to squeeze in nine or range time during the week to therefore generate even the most modest of expectations for oneself can relate to any and all frustration. So like...relatable on some level. Not Moore's prettiest moment. In fact, I may need Moore to do more of this. I legitimately can't decide.

The immediate golf-adjacent pop culture touchstone that sprung to mind when crafting this headline was Happy Gilmore. Couldn't help but see a parallel/be inspired by the anecdote about Happy being the only man to ever try to take off his skate and stab somebody.

Poor Taylor Moore was just fed up. Brutal course at Oak Hill, misery due to the rainy weather...wound up carding an eight-over round of 78 on Saturday. Tough scene. Haven't found a more extended clip, but I feel like Moore had already let his big stick fly a certain distance. Decided he wasn't done there and got in that two-handed rip for good measure. Respect.

Moore broke through with his first PGA Tour victory at the Valspar Championship in March. Pretty sure he'll be able to shake this moment off and be better for it down the road. Still only 29 years young with the prime of his career presumably ahead. Couldn't stop laughing for a while at this, though. Let's hope he finishes strong Sunday and avoids another blow-up like this. Or, you know, root for his downfall and another epic club throw...

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