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AJ Brown Almost Got Drilled By A Car While Riding His Bike In The Eagles Charity Race

Nope. Don't love that. Don't love that one bit, actually. This feels way too "Final Destination" for my liking. 

I mean here's AJ Brown just trying to be a good guy. He's getting involved in the community and participating in the Eagles Autism Challenge race. Guy is doing everything you'd want to see out of your WR1. And what does he get for doing the right thing? What does he get for helping the community?

He almost gets smoked by some dumbass in a car who runs a stop sign. Then has the audacity to blame AJ Brown for the incident. 

That's it. That's a wrap. Keep every single member of the Eagles organization inside until the season starts. The men have an NFC Championship to defend. They have dreams and aspirations of winning a Super Bowl to attain. We can't be letting any ol' dumb sack of shit in Philly put this team in jeopardy because they don't know how to drive. 

Sidenote: I know Philly is known for the "rolling stop" at stop signs. But maybe we should implement a new law. Life in jail for anyone who doesn't come to a complete stop when there's some sort of Eagles event going on in the city. Seems fair and reasonable to me, because this dude deserves to be locked up for good. 

Go Birds.