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Grant Williams Talked Shit To Jimmy Butler And Then Jimmy Butler Buried The Boston Celtics

Adam Glanzman. Getty Images.

The Boston Celtics had an 8 point lead heading into the fourth quarter. After building a 12 point lead, blowing said 12 point lead, and then responding in the 3rd quarter to take control, the goal was simple. Win the quarter win the game and even this series up.

At the 6:37 mark, Grant Williams, who by all accounts had been having a really solid game after not playing in Game 1, made this 3.

He then made the immedite mistake of talking shit to Jimmy Butler. That shot put the Celts up 96-87. Momentum was starting to turn. All you had to do was just shut the fuck up and get back on defense.

On the ensuing play, of course Jimmy Butler responded

It was at this moment that every single Celtics fan said the same thing. Why the fuck are you poking JIMMY BUTLER of all people? On one hand I like that Grant didn't back down in that moment, but you're Grant Williams. You shouldn't be talking shit to Butler after your 3PM in the first place. Everyone with a brain knows what comes next.

After Butler's FT, it was 96-90. From that moment on the Heat closed the game 21-9. Jimmy Butler ripped the heart out of this team on their own floor…again


On one end the Celts offense stalled, and on the other it was Jimmy Butler getting whatever he wanted, and even when they missed, Bam was there to clean it up

An 18-4 close to take a 2-0 series lead and go home where the Heat are undefeated. With the Celtics season on the line, they let the Heat punk the shit out of them and completely take a stranglehold on the series. Teams with a 2-0 lead win the series 92% of the time. That's what was at stake here, and Grant fucking Williams talking shit to Jimmy Butler played a major role. Imagine that. Remember the last time this happened? 

There is simply no excuse to drop BOTH games at home to start this series. What a colossal failure from everyone involved. Joe, the players,  Brad, Wyc, everyone. Again, the Celtics had a 9 point lead with 6 minutes left. At home. With the season on the line. You HAVE to close that game. Have some goddamn pride. Instead, it was nothing but turnovers, missed shots, and a lack of stops. All it took was 6 minutes of defense and they couldn't do it. 


I don't even know how to explain bee.g this bad at home other than being gutless. That's what we're watching right now. Gutless basketball. When it came time to execute and get that stop or get that bucket, the Celtics failed. The Heat out hustled, out wanted, out executed, you name it. They knew they had this game and they played that way. The Celtics played fucking scared. A true "oh fuck it's happening again" mentality. For a team with this much talent, that is absolutely pathetic.

Through two games, the Miami Heat have proved to be the better team. They are being the enforcers of the series. What else can you say when a team goes onto your home court and takes both games? They punked you. Twice. With relative ease too by the way. A double digit lead? That's nothing. The fact that the Celts blew big leads in both of these games, and this one in the fourth quarter is not championship caliber basketball. The Celts have not met the expectations it takes to win at this level and Miami has. They deserve their 2-0 lead. That's not an accident.

Another 0 FGM quarter for Tatum in the 4th. Jaylen went 1-5 and was awful all night on both ends. The Celtics had another 15 turnovers for 20 Heat points. Al couldn't rebound. They shot just 10-35 from deep. That's all losing basketball. You do that shit and then add in a motivated Jimmy Butler, and that's how you find yourself in this position.

Hey, the 2017 Celtics did this and won their series. But seriously, how fucking dumb do you have to be to talk shit like that to Jimmy Butler. That is unforgivable.