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Viktor Hovland Has A Very Simple Explanation For His Wild Major Championship Outfit: "They Pay Me To Do It"

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

He doesn't dress like this normally. Viktor Hovland made that very clear on Thursday afternoon after shooting a highly impressive two-under 68 at Oak Hill to begin his PGA Championship. He did so wearing a bright yellow/orange patterned shirt that, well, you'd probably prefer store credit. And so I asked him: do you dress like this in your daily life?

"No," the 25-year-old Norweigan  I wear a lot of gray, black, and that's about it."

So why the crazy outfits? Because this is not a new thing, as the tweet below explains in unmistakably vibrant fashion.

"Well," he said matter-of-factly, "J.Lindberg (his clothing sponsor), they script me with this stuff and pay me money to do so, so I just show up and wear what they want me to wear."

Fair enough. It's an interesting look into the scripting process and a start juxtaposition from the attitude of Collin Morikawa. Those of you who watched Full Swing on Netflix will remember Morikawa giving Adidas a hard "I won't wear that" when they proposed some funky pants for him ahead of the Masters. Hovland, it would seem, is less fervent with his sartorial beliefs. Adding orange to injury, he turned up to Oak Hill on Friday wearing a shirt that seems to be inspired by suspenders. With orange pants.

At the time of writing Hovland is -1 for his second round and in a tie for third, so it's obviously not impacting his play. And if J.Lindberg's goal is to get the people talking then they're succeeding, because I can't see us writing another blog about clothes for the rest of the week. Maybe the joke's on us?