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'I'm Still A Fat Bastard' - The Guy Who Went Viral At The PGA Championship For Passing Out And Inhaling A Rice Krispie Treat Is A Certified Star

I don't know what's going on in Rochester but between this guy and Tom Kim falling into the mud, we've reached a type of hilarity I didn't think was achievable at a major tournament. That's before we even talk about the golf, including 15th ranked Cam Young simply forgetting how to play. 

He's missing the cut at +9. We've had weather cause a frost delay yesterday morning and expected to see winds today. But the real star isn't Michael Block, the PGA Pro sitting at even. It isn't Bryon losing weight and being in the lead after round 1. It isn't even Scottie (it'll be Scottie) who is right there for the lead. It's not the Canadian Corey Conners sitting in first at -5 as I write this. It's this magnificent man: 

Just a middle aged man going to town on a Rice Krispie Treat. Hey, I'm not one to talk. They are delicious and as much as it pains me to say I too am a middle aged man now. The only thing missing from this being a perfect set up - snack, watching golf in peace and quiet, no kids around - was a tree to rest that back on. Don't worry because he's also this guy: 

Now you may be wondering, how does one even fall asleep during a major? Luckily he broke it down, perfectly, for us: 

[Golf Digest] - Then I went to sit at the range, and I was in a post-food coma, just started feeling tired, put the double bucket hat over the eyes to make sure you don't get sun-burned, and passed out. Then I got up, and that's when I started getting the munchies and peeled into the Rice Krispie treat.

That right there is the perfect quote. It's honest, it's hilarious, it's something that everyone can relate to. You ever fall asleep, wake up hungry? Yeah welcome to this guy's life. He just happened to be caught by TV cameras. But you're a fat liar if you woke up from an afternoon nap and didn't immediately go to the pantry to look for something to snack on. Maybe it's some pretzels, maybe it's some cookies, whatever it might be, we've all been there. Speaking of fat, the man here (Andy McWilliams) admits it as such: 

At that point, I didn't get the whole video. I was just getting screen grabs, and it was not the most flattering. I've actually lost 35 pounds, I've been on medication and a diet and stuff, I've actually lost a bunch of weight, and I saw it and was like, "I'm still a fat bastard!"

I've been posting for months, look at all the weight I've lost! And I'm still fat. So that was fucking soul-destroying. My wife, she can't watch it. She said, “You look like some very bad case, just rolling around there.” She says she can't watch it.

Hey man 35 pounds is nothing to laugh at. I'm actually going to defend Andy here. It's not some bad case rolling around. That's man who needed a quick snooze and a nap. I refuse to make fun of that. Those are two of life's greatest pleasures. Shame on anyone who makes fun of a man who would dare to enjoy this while watching golf. There's plenty of golf to watch! Who cares if he misses a few shots, golf naps are vital to making it through a Tournament. 

Going into a nap because of a food coma only to come out of it hungry is just the epitome of a guy being a dude. So perfect, so hilarious. Go have a day today, Andy.