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REVIEW: 'FAST X' Is An Avengers Movie Combined With 'The Dark Knight'

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I went to a Fast X press screening a few days ago and took Feits as my guest. Lemme tell you, it was like bringing a child to an amusement part for the first time. We had a god damn blast but there was something that he maybe didn't expect out of the screening audience: They are snobs. They are press people that think they are better than this kind of movie. They were yucking it up at cheesy scenes, purposely doing so loud as hell so everyone knew that they thought the movie was dumb. It pissed both of us off but we had a great time otherwise.

Anyway here is what to expect from this movie. 

You might see the headline and think I'm being a hyperbolic asshole but I promise you that I'm not one of those things. Without spoiling anything major, here is the bare bones of the movie. Jason Momoa's villain, Dante, is basically a really good impression of Heath Ledger's Joker. He's an unhinged, anti-society guy who has a very personal gripe with Dom (Batman). As part of his quest to tear down Dom, Dante forces him into a bunch of Sophie's choice situations. 

The Avengers aspect comes in how they execute the movie. There are a bunch of our main heroes separated into groups, doing their own side quests in order to defeat Momoa (Thanos). Every group has some sort of moment like this as well.

All that stuff aside, there is one big PRO and one big CON that I can prepare you for before heading to the theater 

PRO: The action rocks. Sure, there are some over-CGI moments but it is otherwise solid. Great hand-to-hand fights, lots of cool racing shit and a lot of high impact energy. 

CON: The dialogue, specifically for Dom. This is probably the weakest script in a series that is known for their shitty dialogue. Some of Dom's lines, which are supposed to be serious, are laugh-out-loud funny. 

It's 1,000,000x better than F9 and actually an interesting setup for the rumored follow-up parts but I'm not sure where it is going to end up sitting in the franchise for me. Probably #3 behind Furious 7 which rocks.