An Important Message For Knicks Fans: Do Not Fall For Photoshops After This Rumor That Joel Embiid Could Be Traded To New York

Ahh, there it is. This time it only took a week for superstar to the Knicks rumors to hit, a new record. Usually we get them as games are still going on in the regular season. This time it's Joel Embiid to the Knicks. Sure, why not? He's disgruntled! He's dealing with a coaching change! Sign him up! 

That said, I'm not getting my hopes up. This is an important message for future me and Knicks fans everywhere. We won't do the photoshops. We won't get excited about photoshops. We won't start the fake trade scenarios where we send Mitchell Robinson, Julius Randle, a bunch of picks and other things to get Joel Embiid. We're not going to imagine Jalen Brunson and Joel Embiid together.


The Knicks have a chance to make a move. I'm not saying for Embiid, but the Knicks have a chance to make a move. 

Bunch of young guys who improved plus picks is a good spot to be. Oh, also Jalen Brunson. I love that we have Jalen Brunson. The Mavericks are shitheads who tanked for that 10th pick this season but we still got Brunson from them so 1-0 Knicks. Basically what I'm saying is get ready to see a ton of photoshops over the next year. Sure, see what the Sixers say (good chance it's a hang up) and then move on. 

We're in a good spot. We have pieces, we have a star at point guard for the first time in decades. Now it's about making the right move for another star and shooting. It sounds simple, but that's the truth. Leon Rose earns the benefit of the doubt with the moves he's made so far. Don't fuck it up.