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I Am Absolutely Floored By The Outfit Amari Cooper Was Wearing While Working Out On The Beach Yesterday

Deshaun Watson took the entire Browns offense to Puerto Rico on one of those get some fire IG videos bonding trips that quarterbacks like to do in the offseason. Watson is heading into his first full year running the offense and the Browns have some pretty lofty expectations. 

I love all the vibes of this. Camaraderie, togetherness, bonding...socks on the beach?!

Seriously, who the fuck wears socks on the beach?? And what is the rest of the outfit Amari is wearing here? He looks like a middle aged dad walking outside to get the newspaper at 6am. Everyone else is shirtless, chiseled, basking in the sun, and Amari is over there looking like the fat kid who wears his shirt in the pool.

At the time this was taken it was approximately 84 degrees on that beach. So why is he dressed like a male nurse who just got off work and took off his scrubs top in order to be comfy while he takes a shit?

Is he a part time karate teacher in a suburban strip mall dojo? SWEEP THE LEG, DESHAUN!

Giphy Images.

Amari Cooper is not a nurse or a fat kid or a karate teach (as far as I know). He's in great shape and one of the best route runners in the NFL. So there has to be a logical explanation for this abomination of a workout outfit. 

Did the airline lose his bag with his workout shorts in it? That still doesn't explain the Hanes undershirt and the socks. Is he allergic to sand? Maybe he absolutely hates tracking sand back to his room while on vacation. But then he better shake out the pockets in those Costco brand sweats he has on.

I'm so confused and I need answers. I need the Browns reporters to make this the first question they ask when Amari gets to training camp and addresses the media. We must know why socks were worn on the beach.