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German Surgeon Fired After Getting Hospital Staff To Help With A Prettttyyy Major Surgery

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BERLIN -- Officials at a hospital in western Germany have expressed regret after it emerged that one of their surgeons got a cleaner to assist in a toe amputation.

The hospital's chief executive, Norbert Pfeiffer, said the surgeon wrongly decided to go ahead with the routine procedure even though no qualified assistant was available, SWR reported.

When the patient, who had received a local anesthetic, became restless the doctor asked a nearby cleaner to hold the man's leg and pass surgical instruments, according to local daily Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung. The paper reported that the cleaner had no medical experience.

I know this is supposed to be a bad thing but I cant find anything where it went poorly. The guy was supposed to walk outta there with no toe. He did. Sure he squirmed like a little bitch but that shouldn't matter. I mean, if you are getting restless, you need someone to hold your leg down because you're a pussy, anyone should do. If you don't want hospital staff helping to remove an appendage, sit there like a grown man and not some ungrown man. 

Furthermore, we don't know how long this cleaner has worked in a hospital and that should be taken into consideration. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you have the "credentials to do a job. If you've been around long enough, you can do that task. Plus, it's not the cleaner who is the one cutting the toe off. The doctor was still holding the blade. The cleaner just handed the blade over when the doctor said, "scalpel" like they usually do which is admittedly annoying. Say something original just one time. 

To me, this is a no-harm and no-foul situation. There's no reason to can the surgeon for adapting, improving, and overcoming the staff shortages. After all, why is getting a cleaner to help needed? Why isn't a hospital administrator ensuring enough trained staff is in the operating room? Where's the risk assessment? Where is the checklist? Where is the attending physician who is supposed to be supervising the effort to provide proper care to all patients recovering toe removal? This is the hospital administration staff passing the buck and I find Norbert and his staff disgusting.