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The Latest TikTok Sensation Is The 'Repo Reaper', A Repo Man Who Emotes On His Victims

I've never seen someone come out of nowhere and put up numbers like what the Repo Reaper is doing right now. He has taken TikTok by storm.

In just the last week, he has more than a dozen videos with more than 1 million views — and several with well over 10 million. The Reapo Reaper is the hottest thing on TikTok right now. And why is that? Because he repossesses cars and dances on the graves of their former owners while he does it.

Sure, this guy's job comes with the inherent misfortune of others, but this country would run a lot better if everybody had the Reapo Reaper's enthusiasm when they clocked in to work every day. Jim Harbaugh would love this guy. The Reaper can't control that his job is taking people's cars, he just does it to the best of his ability and tries to have some fun.

Doing live Fortnite emotes in front of people as you repossess their vehicles is pretty crazy, but that's how you become the No. 1 repo man on the internet. They don't ask how, they ask how many — and the Reaper is piling up views like you read about.

I love this guy. If you see him around your parking spot, though, it's too late.