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Kill Off Almost 3 Mins Of Your Workday By Watching Some Crocodiles Steal A Waterbuck From Some Cheetah

Back when I was a cube rat, I took a page out of the Costanza playbook and would sit around my desk and act really frustrated. I know it's a bit from Seinfeld, but it actually worked. I worked a 7am-5pm M-F schedule, so come 9am every day I was ready to coast.  

And by coast, I mean I'd watch YouTube videos non-stop. Anytime I'd sense a boss snooping around, I'd give my desk a nice fist bang or slam my phone before quickly pressing "ALT+TAB" in immediate succession to switch out of whatever YouTube video I was watching to my company email or whatever.

Trust me, it works. And now it's my job to provide you with videos to kill off time at work. 

But when I was REALLY slacking off I'd just take a scan down the Kruger Sightings YouTube channel for hours on end. It's got the best of the best nature videos on there, and the one above is their most recent one. No, it doesn't compare to the Battle of Kruger...

...and that's okay. Nothing is. This battle was more deadly than the Battle of the Bulge and The Battle of Antietam combined. Look at the carnage!!!! Absolutely amazing. It's still good enough to successfully kill off almost 3 mins of your day. Here's another good one where some hippos don't take too kindly to a lion entering their hood: 

Hope this helps. In the meantime, get caught up on the Stool Midshow and The Dog Walk on Barstool Chicago's YouTube channel: