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"He's Not The Best Defender But He Definitely Tries" - D'Angelo Russell Might Have To Retire After Hearing What Bruce Brown Had To Say About His Defense

AAron Ontiveroz. Getty Images.

Saying your opponent tries hard is the meanest thing you can ever say because you really are just saying how much they suck. That's what Bruce Brown did when asked about D'Angelo Russell's defense. 

 He isn't wrong though, Russell is an absolute liability on the defensive end of the court. I think the Lakers need to sit him. His plus minus on the court is awful and I think the worst part of this is that Bruce Brown is saying this about you. It isn't Jokic or Jamal Murray where you can understand it. They are having pre-game meetings being like hey Bruce whenever Russell is on you, go directly at him because he is dog shit on defense. 

Also, the Nuggets are acting kind of soft after these wins saying how the narrative is only talking about the Lakers. No duh they are it's LeBron James playing and the Nuggets haven't won shit so of course the narrative is going to be about them. Just don't talk about it until you win the 4th game and be like what's the narrative now. No reason to give the Lakers anymore ammunition but I think it's clear the Lakers are going to win this in 7.