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The New Images Of The Titanic Are A Big Ol' Snooze Fest

So these lameos are pouring an ass ton of time and money into getting as pristine, crystal clear images of the Titanic for an upcoming documentary. Snooooooooooze. 

Nobody gives a fuck about a documentary about the Titanic. There's already been 100 of them made. All these scientist and doc-making nerds need to be doing is finding two things: 

1. The Heart of the Ocean 

Giphy Images.

2. This pic of Rose that Jack drew like "one of his french girls" 

Giphy Images.

Not sure which one would be more valuable, but that's all anybody cares about, and for obvious reason. Should you not know that reason then you need to pop your Ritalin and learn up on one of the great racks in history, 22 year old Kate Winslet in Titanic. Click here to take a stroll down memory lane to take a quick little glance at what was the first pair of tits me, you and anyone else in their early to mid-30s got to look at. 

Giphy Images.

But a documentary? Na. Don't need it. Nobody does. Just give us "Masters of Air", please and thank you. 

There still hasn't been a release date announced, but it was supposed to come out this spring. Well… There is only like 1 month left before the summer equinox and it's no longer spring. Hop the FUCK to it. I don't want to have to consume yet another documentary on the titanic and how it hit an ice berg 100+ years ago. Those assholes should have gotten in a plane instead.