Peyton Manning Looks Like He Loves Himself A Denver Nuggets Win And A Nice New Pair Of Slacks

If ever there were a prototype for the All-American dad, it's Peyton Manning. I mean just look at this man go. The tucked-in checkered collared shirt. Hands in the pocket, nice little head/neck nod, dad clap, fist bump, nose wipe, hands straight back to pockets. If there was a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for being a dad, that little combo of moves right there would have set a new high score. 

Peyton Manning looks like he exclusively greets people with "the man, the myth, the legend", but it's just some dude named Carl. Peyton Manning looks like he says "wow, I guess they'll let anybody in here nowadays" whenever he runs into a buddy at a bar. Peyton Manning looks like he strictly replies with "I hated it" when the waiter at a restaurant comes over to ask how the food turned out and his plate is clearly completely finished. This is a man who has said "I'm not sleeping, just resting my eyes" every single time he ends up in the recliner chair watching some movie from the 80s on a Saturday afternoon. He calls every child under the age of 10 "big guy", hits them with a "give me some knucks", and then proceeds to act like the kid just shattered his fist with their sheer force of strength. The only thing wrong with this video is that it cut out a few moments too early. It was only a matter of time before he awkwardly asked someone around him to pull his finger. 

While Peyton Manning looks like the ultimate dad, you can be sure to get something for yours right here in time for Fathers Day.