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Dante's Story About Getting Randomly Assaulted Is The Scariest Story You'll Ever Hear

(I believe I have this set so the video begins at Dante's story, but if that doesn't work fast forward to 34:00)

Absolutely HORRIFYING. 

That side by side is incredible. In like 3 weeks Dante went from looking like he just got out of the ring with Jon Jones to trying to bring back a Nelly inspired fashion statement. Just an incredible recovery thanks to modern medicine and a positive attitude from Dante. 

This is one of those stories that will change the way that I walk around. I am a relatively big dude. 6'1 and 235lbs (health crisis). I walk around with basically zero fear no matter what time of day or where I am because in the back of my head I always think that logically there are much easier targets for criminals than me if you're judging the book by it's cover. That is an instance of "male privilege" or at least "big male privilege" that I think is rooted in reality. Dante would also fit into that category since he is like 6'3ish. That thinking is flawed though. Genuine psychopaths who have violent tendencies and substance issues don't think logically. Lights are on, nobody is home, they just act like they have rabies and it's lights out for you until you're in the hospital. Absolute fucking HORSESHIT that a guy as good as Dante had to be the victim of a guy with 24 prior offenses on his record. I'll never understand how a guy like that is allowed to still walk the streets with the rest of us, but this is a BIG reminder that they are out there. You always have to be aware of your surroundings and try to identify threats no matter who and where you are. 

Big testament to Dante that you'd never really know this happened to him. Positive attitude. A ton gratitude for everyone from the doctors, nurses, his family, to the homeless guardian angel who may have saved his life. Not sure how many people would be able to see the world the way Dante does after experiencing something like that. Being thankful is a powerful drug.