Too Big, Too Strong: Nothing But Respect For This Giant West Ham Fan Protecting His Section And Fighting Off A Mob Of Hooligans

Look at this man, nay, look at this hero! The man looks like Hodor out there and not just because he's a giant. He's just out there to protect the West Ham section and he did just that. He should be treated to as many free pints as he wants. Fish and chips? You betcha. The man is as important as Declan Rice and arguably more important because he ain't leaving like Rice is expected to. 

You may be wondering why the hell was West Ham's Hodor called to action? If you had Dutch side AZ Alkmaar upset because they lost 1-0 in Europa Conference League, you'd be right. They went right after West Ham's section: 

Look, I love soccer, but I'm going to live a hard fast rule here. I'm not getting into a fight with hooligans. I'm not getting into a fist fight with anything over sports ... except for maybe Rico when he throws a jab at Calipari and forgets he cheers for 182 coaches who all fail. Don't worry I've worked on my ducking skills like a certain large man who wears orange. I don't need to get punched at 36 years old over an argument about a team. That's called maturity. 

But back to this, this looks like a video game. Just Hodor and another guy coming out to stand on top of the steps and hold off an army of hooligans. I'm shocked the jolly green giant didn't pick up a guy and throw him back to knock over another 3-4 people. Classic movie move. 

Impressive from this guy. Too big, too strong. Good luck attacking the West Ham section with this guy lurking around. Make him head of team security and get him a beer.