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He's Coming Home: The Deal Is Reportedly 'Practically Done' To Make Jesse Marsch The Next USMNT Manager

I don't think this would fall into the shocking category at all. Marsch was linked to the US job basically forever, but here's my thing. If it's true, why are we waiting past the Gold Cup? I like Anthony Hudson, I want Anthony Hudson to be an assistant coach under Marsch, but get him in there as soon as possible. 

I'm fairly indifferent on this hiring. I think Marsch makes sense from a US standpoint, experience with the USMNT and all that. But he's gotta be flexible with his tactics. He can't run that pressing style that failed at Leeds. He's gotta look at what the US has and be able to adjust. That's my biggest fear with him. I think he's fine and it's a big plus he's not Gregg. I consider that a win. I didn't want Gregg back for a 2nd run at all. 

Again, the whole goal is 2026. I'm not saying the US is going to win even as blind with love I can be. But this team should be good enough to compete and compete more than just a Round of 16 exit. You have this young team that should be playing together for years playing at home. You add in Gaga competing at goalie and Flo coming in to be the 9 and there are plenty of pieces to like. Gotta figure out if Chris Richards or CCV can be that final CB spot, but this team should be good enough to compete. 

I get the let down feeling because of other names rumored to be in the mix for the job. But it's not like Marsch is a bum. He's had some success in Europe. He has experience both in Europe and with the USMNT. But, again, what the hell are we waiting for? Get a permanent manager in there as soon as possible and let's start figuring this out. Yeah, it feels predictable to hire Marsch, but who else was realistically an option? You can't wait until 2025 to hire someone.