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Jamal Murray Calling His Own "BANG" Then Pointing At Mike Breen After Hitting A Huge 3 Against The Lakers Was Iconic


There have been a lot of narratives in this Lakers-Nuggets series. Year 20 LeBron. AD bouncing back. Rui maybe becoming LA’s Batman that could stop The Joker. Pretty much 99% of the discussion has been about what the Lakers are doing instead of the Nuggets, at least according to Mike Malone.

HOWEVAH, the real story (outside of the usual narrative of Nikola Jokic eating opposing teams then shitting out triple doubles) is Jamal Murray going full Bubble Mode in the playoffs once again and laying waste to all that stands in front of him. I'm not just talking stats since anyone can put up the numbers he has. Actually that's not true at all.

Being lumped in with two absolute legends is pretty decent company I suppose. But it takes a certain kind of person to bang themselves like a hormones-filled teenager with Mike Breen in the building, even though Breen unleashed his BANG on an earlier dagger three from Murray.

What a stud. What a game. And most importantly, what are the Lakers going to do to answer? JK, I added that since Murray said this after his latest incredible playoff game.

Hey, it's time for a meme!