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The Panthers Win With 12 Seconds Left In the 4th OT, The 6th Longest Game In NHL History!!

Good god what a game. I watched it, I fell asleep, I woke up, and saw 2 more OTs. What a rush! And then while the world slept, Matt Tkachuk won it 12 seconds before we were set to head to a 5th OT. 

Those final 2 OTs were sluggish, but still full of chances. Dead legs but still some nice saves, particularly from the Canes' Freddie Andersen to keep the game going, but alas it was not enough.

Selfishly I was gearing up for a 5th OT, but I'll take the sleep instead. Nothing like the 6th longest game in NHL history to kick off the ECF. Toss the rats on the ice, the Panthers take game 1!



PS: They used to fucking make those things RAIN in Florida. Laugh out loud funny how many would get thrown.