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Love Seeing Nuggets Head Coach Michael Malone Talk A Bunch Of Shit About The Lakers Narrative Right After Denver Won Game 2

Fuck yes. This is the exact type of shit talking you should do as a head coach. He ain't wrong. There were so many 'the Lakers are actually fine after game 1' tweets and takes that I saw that people just forget that Nikola Jokic is you know, the best player in the league arguably? Or that Jamal Murray can catch fire with the best of them. You pick either one. 

All I saw was how the Lakers figured something out by putting Rui on Jokic and letting Anthony Davis roam because he was guarding Jeff Green. Yeah, well, how'd that work out? Jokic with a ho-hum 23/17/12. Actually might be a little light considering what he's capable of. 

Don't get me wrong, I know it's only 2-0 and you gotta get to 4. But talk your shit like this. It's a postgame press conference. What do you want him to say? Ah well, shucks, we played well. Credit to the Lakers for trying! No, give me this. Honest thoughts and not lame canned answers. Not even just honest thoughts, honest thoughts based on real things that happened. Call people out as you win games, that's pretty much what you're supposed to do. 

A+ 'put that in your pipe and smoke it.' We don't break that out as much, but it's good to see an NBA head coach use it from time to time. Really sell the point. Even better is knowing how pissy Lakers fans are going to be seeing Malone talk like that and move the goalposts.