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The Highlight Of Round 1 At The PGA Championship - Tom Kim Falling Into A Bunch Of Mud, Hops Into A Creek For A Quick Bath

Yep, this is it. Sure, Eric Cole (current leader) is an awesome story with how he was giving lessons a few years ago while trying to become a pro. But he didn't fall into mud. He didn't go Happy Gilmore's caddie and give himself a quick little bath in the creek: 

Tom Kim broke out at the Presidents Cup a couple years back, but this is now how I'll only think about him. The man who fell into mud at Oak Hill. Basically what happened was he was looking for his ball in the creek/marsh area off of 6 hoping it'd be in one of the dry spots and hit out. Then he ate it. The best part, which I wish there was video, was our pal SVP throwing the broadcast to commercial but cameras refusing. A solid 5 minutes of watching Tom Kim fall, bathe himself and strip. 

Poor dude rolled his pants up and has been playing in knickers basically ever since. There's nothing worse than 1) having mud all over you and then 2) having to put socks back on wet, muddy feet. No thank you. Kim had a brutal lip out putt a hole after too. Deserved to make it strictly for the mud feet. 

This is precisely why you play the 'I don't know, I think it went in here. Yeah, cool, I'll drop here' rule. Can't end up all muddy on national TV like that.