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Steelers Nation Holds Their Collective Breath As TJ Watt Slipped Into His Pool As He Was Cleaning It

All I can think about is how much of a heart attack Jersey Jerry had watching this. His entire season hung in the balance as TJ Watt cleaned his pool. 

As a guy who has cleaned a pool before I can relate to how dangerous a chore this is. I would get dangerously close to falling in. The only clear observation here is that the Steelers need to get TJ Watt a pool cleaner. You can't have your star going down doing some odd jobs around the house. 

I am a little disappointed in him though because he had so much length on that pole. He needs to look at his footing non stop. It wasn't like he was cleaning the bottom of the pool either so he had some room to work with. The Steelers might need to have some concern about his awareness on the field this year. 

]I feel like with the world we live in we'll see Jersey Jerry cleaning this pool next week. You'll see a fence around it so TJ doesn't fall in. When you clean a pool you want to make sure every little thing is cleaned or it will drive you absolutely nuts. I know TJ needs the money so maybe we can all chip in and get him one of those robots that cleans the pool themselves so we can avoid this.