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The NBA World Has Been Thrown Off Its Axis With This Bruce Brown-Lana Rhoades Fan Theory

Let's wind back the clocks to last October when the internet ran wild with theories about Lana Rhoades' baby. Now why on Earth would we care about such a topic? Who cares whose baby Lana Rhoades' is? Well when you combine the NBA with the pornstar world that puts asses in the seats. But why is the NBA included in this story? Lana confirmed that the dad is from the association. 

We also know she went on a date with a guy on the Nets at some point and it's all be confirmed the dad played for them. 

Then we saw the kid's face and…

No one has ever looked more like Blake Griffin in the history of humans, including Blake Griffin himself. 

Almost nothing Blake can say after seeing the evidence. That pic goes viral on social media and its checkmate. Just gotta put your head down and take life day by day. 

Well Blake may have just recently run into a stroke of luck. This happened during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Nuggets and Lakers. 

Let's welcome Denver's Bruce Brown to the conversation. He's a solid role player for the Nuggets who has bounced around a little bit since his debut in 2018. 

People have gone back to this tweet from last October when everyone was assuming the kid was Blake's. 


Along with her IG story from a bit ago. 

And what team did Bruce Brown play for between 2020 and 2022? The Brooklyn Nets. 

Son of a bitch, do we have something here? 

All we're doing folks is piecing the story together. No one is making definitive claims, but we're absolutely asking questions. There may be a dozen more wrinkles we've yet to uncover. I didn't think we needed Maury Povich on the case here after the baby pics surfaced, but given the recent information you gotta get him in here. I still probably lean Blake being the baby daddy, but Bruce Brown's involvement here certainly makes this more spicy. Nothing is certain anymore. 

Think it's only fair that if we get a Celtics-Nuggets finals we have Lana court-side chirping