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The Disney World Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel That Costs A Cool $5300 For A Family Of 4 To Stay At For 2 Nights Is Closing ONE YEAR After It Opened

Look at Disney admitting their biggest L in the Star Wars galaxy since...the sequel trilogy? Solo? Any live TV Disney+ series that wasn't The Mandalorian or Andor? 

I know Disney is famous for gouging every last dollar out of the people crazy enough to spend as much on a trip to Orlando as they could for an all-inclusive visit to somewhere significantly nicer. But charging a family of four more than 5 grand for a two night stay at a hotel is straight up bantha poo doo, no matter how many actors you pay to walk around dressed like aliens.

I'm a Star Wars nerd that just took his own brood that includes two Star Wars nerds in training to The Happiest Place On Earth and I never even for a millisecond thought about spending all that cash to play make believe. Granted, part of the reason is because I would have to tell those two Star Wars nerds in training that they would be on their own to pay for college, even if it was community college because we stayed at a fake space ship hotel for 48 hours a decade earlier, which seems like a bad idea. 

Not only that, I don't even have the balls to ask my extremely rich Star Wars fan boss PENN coworker to spring for a room at the Chateau de Skywalker when this is what they look like inside.

Then again, maybe this place rules and Disney just completely fucked up by not realizing many of the biggest Star Wars fans can't afford to leave their parents basements let alone spend $5,000 for a two night stay. Or maybe said coworker can pitch to our new Imperial overlords to make a sponsored video that will pay for the cost of some flights, a couple nights stay, and some blue milk if it's not too much to ask.

Yeah, I think we may have to make a sequel to this franchise (Hopefully that is more Empire Strikes Back than Attack Of The Clones or The Last Jedi).

h/t Joe