Bryson DeChambeau Just Smoked Another Player With An Errant Shot As He Was About To Tee Off


What a tactic by Bryson here. Just start picking off the competition one by one, literally. What hair-brained strategy won’t this guy think of? Send a message to the field that they better think twice every time they’re over a shot. Bryson out here raining down nukes on poor ol Kenny Pigman and any one of the guys out there could be next. Plus, he got himself a nice tight flat lie for his second. Chess not checkers.

Gotta tip the cap to Kenny there though. Took that thing like a college baseball player refusing to let the opposition know that hit-by-pitch hurt like a bitch. DON’T RUB IT!!! 

PS: Hilarious that this is a narrative that resurfaces every time Bryson hits a foul ball. Congrats on the fore.