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Antonio Brown Is Returning To Pro Football

You know what they say? Great players don’t make the best coaches, and that may also apply to great players being decent owners. Because after eventually paying his players Antonio Brown playing is probably the best thing he can do as an owner right now. There were some questions if he ever was going to bankroll any of the players or coaches. 

He did eventually post a video paying players but the signs are pointing to that he may have to play just because most of their roster may have quit. 

His most recent stint on the field with the team he owns included him just refusing to get off the field. 

The on-field antics he is going to get involved in are going to be ridiculous. Look at this point his craziness gives me stuff to blog about, so I don’t mind it but the people around him have to be exhausted. Imagine trying to make it to the NFL some way some how and AB buys your team. Hopefully, he just tears it up and that's the only antic but there is also the possibility sub-par talent just really shuts him down.