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Relatable Golf Content: Justin Thomas And Keegan Bradley Screaming 'Fuck' After Terrible Tee Shots At The PGA Championship

Let's cut to the chase here. I don't care about the hot mic, it's the word fuck. Oh no, big deal. Sure, it gets a little laugh out of me every time, but that's not the point of this blog. This, this is what I want more from golf broadcasts. I want to see and more importantly hear the relatable shit. The tee shot hanging out to the right? Been there plenty a times, my reaction tends to be the same. 

'Why the fuck are you going that way, sit down.' 

The par 3 tee shot that you hit a little fat? A hearty fuck like we got out of Keegan Bradley. 

I'm someone who loves golf, but I'm the definition of average. Go play bogey golf, shoot my 91 and move on. Get a birdie, you better believe that next tee shot is going to be horrendous. So it's humbling watching guys, albeit pros, just light up courses week in and week out. It's why I want Oak Hill to be dominant this week. Give me a little break where the winner shoots something like -7 for the week. 

I want more broadcasts like this and Nate's idea, which is still crazy they don't show: 

Don't just show the bad shots and have the announcers talk over it. Give me uncensored golfer reactions so I know they are like the rest of us. We get to see all the great shots and fist pumps, I want to see the destruction just as much. A+ fuck by Keegan by the way.