WATCH: The Behind The Scenes Video Of The SNY Truck Broadcasting Pete Alonso's Walkoff Against The Rays Is Cool As Hell

I know blogging about how the sausage is made during a baseball broadcast will probably come off as nerdy as hell. But when you think about it, isn't most baseball stuff if not all sports stuff in general nerdy as hell? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself. But Greenie blogged about an NBA cameraman somehow perfectly capturing all the action from courtside by working his camera like he was Neo in The Matrix which I thought was pretty cool and likely something anybody who clicked this blog will enjoy.


Anyway back to the SNY video, it's crazy just how much work goes into a broadcast considering how chill the broadcasts are for 99% of the game and how quiet the trucks are if you pass them. Meanwhile inside, you have the head honcho running point while telling the cameramen how to zoom and prepping each shot before it goes live on TV. 

Doing all that during the 5th inning of a dog day game in August is probably pretty relaxed. But doing it after the biggest moment of a season that felt like it was getting away from the Mets was like watching Picasso paint as a buzzsaw closed in on him. Granted I am still saying this while riding the last few dopamine drops in my brain from that home run. But seeing all of that come together was sweet, as was watching the reaction in the truck after Mark Vientos and Francisco Alvarez hit their massive bombs that gave the Mets life is a season that has felt like it was on life support for weeks.

Also would it killed them to have shown the truck's reaction to Pete dropping an F-bomb live on air?


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Whenever Barstool upgrades to the next level of tech, I need Rough N Rowdy to have another channel where you can watch/listen to All Biz Pete barking out orders in his button down during all the chaos that takes place at RnR. Throwing the camera from Portnoy, Big Cat, and Robbie calling the match to a couple of hillbillies in the crowd talking shit to each other to Caleb getting into some sort of shit that only Caleb could get into to Large walking around as a giant bottle of SoCo to the ring girls looking prim and proper ringside.

Back to the Mets, we discussed last night's win as soon as it happened on We Gotta Believe. So check it out to get the vibes up again before whatever chaos is unleashed on our souls before today's matinee.