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Kirk Herbstreit Threw On His Cape For Ryan Day And Called Anyone Who Wants Accountability For Ohio State Losing To Michigan Twice In A Row The "Lunatic Fringe"


It seems to me that Ohio State football is having a bit of an identity crisis. Choice #1: We continue to sit at the cool kid table and call ourselves THE Ohio State University, holding ourselves to the standard of National Championships. Or choice #2: We drop the "THE" and dye our hair jet black and sit in the corner listening to screamo at family gatherings because gosh darnit you should just love me for who I am. 

It's not a phase mom!

But that's what two dog shit losses in a row to your rival will do to ya. Have you reevaluating your whole perspective on life. 

At a celebrity dinner in Maumee Ohio, Jim Tressel and Kirk Herbstreit addressed the crowd about the Buckeyes recent struggles against The Team Up North.

While Tressel was more diplomatic and did the whole “There’s no question that I think the Buckeyes will make us proud in Ann Arbor” thing (gotta play the hits), Herby decided to go at folks who think Ryan Day should be on the hot seat for dropping back-to-back eggs against their rival. 

Herbstreit, for the record, said the same, calling out the “lunatic fringe” of Ohio State fans who want to run Day out of town.

“The 15 percenters, they get mad at anything,” he said. “That percent is going to be mad at something always. [Day] could win the Michigan game, go to the playoff and lose, and they’ll be mad about that. That group is just a bunch of jackasses who kind of embarrass all of us as Ohio State fans. So I don’t really care, honestly, what that group thinks. But the people who matter, the logical people who actually have a brain and understand the sport, they love what Ryan Day has done. The fact that this is even a topic is almost comical.”

I agree losing the last two years shouldn't have gotten Day fired. He's had too much success for that hasty of a decision. 

But losing by 37 points combined the last two years while being ranked #2 and having a shot at the National Championship should definitely have him on the hot seat. That's the standard any elite football program should hold. Especially if you want to stand tall next to the Clemsons, Alabamas, and Georgias of the world.

College football has changed and it's not good enough to just win your conference any more (something Ohio State hasn't done since 2020 by the way). That's like saying athletes should be happy with their free education and promise rings need to be bought before you can get frisky in the back seat of a car. You're living in the past, brother. 

And this isn't one of those "yeah, well who are you going to get that's better?!" situations because it's Ohio State freaking University. There would be a line of coaches shoving their families to the side while flicking off their current ADs to run full speed at a chance for that job. 

Oh yeah, and a guy named Matt Vrabel is out there. A man who would do absurd things to win football games anywhere, let alone his alma mater. 

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Once again, Ryan Day should not have been fired. But he damn sure should be feeling the heat. 

We can't claim to be a top 3 program in the nation and then keep stumbling against Michigan to ruin our National Title hopes. That's not what blue chip programs do. This is the NIL era and the fans are hungry for a title. Step the fuck up Ryan or step the fuck out.

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