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Alex Rodriguez Eats Sunflower Seeds In A Preposterous Fashion

Absolutely wild move. He likely playing this up for the cameras, but this is an insane move. Eating seeds in the dugout or while watching a game is a sacred past time. I cannot recall ever going to the Little League snack stand without getting seeds. I cannot recall my dad ever watching us down the baselines without a fresh bad of seeds. I still remember my mom getting mad washing our baseball pants and having a pocket full of seeds from the previous game. They don't even fill up your appetite, but you have to have them it's a tradition. 

A-Rod's method here is insane. INSANE. What a mess. Wastes the whole bag, risks choking by having one go all the way to the back of his throat. Preposterous move by the man. It has to be a show. There's no way on earth someone eats seeds like this. Also, if you believe Cano copied this method , you are a fool. No chance. I now need to see vintage footage of A-Rod eating seeds to prove he's lying here. Someone call up the YES network and break out the tapes. 

Final thought .. when I got into softball leagues, I stopped buying the seeds in the shell and just bought a package of salted sunflower kernels from the super market. Same salty flavor, way less hassle.