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Bert Kreischer CRASHES A Podcast To Chug With The Only Fans Model Guest

WELL THIS WAS QUITE THE EPISODE OF ONLY STANS! We had a wonderful interview with Ms. Julia Sandoval planned before the Machine himself decided to crash it right before we hit record. It was truly a fantastic moment in the history of Only Stans and that was BEFORE we even recorded the interview which was EASILY one of my favorites yet. Julia could not have been more of a joy to chop it up with. We discussed if she's somehow with this Tom Sandoval guy, her love of trees yet not knowing Arbor Day, having a sugar daddy, what she's doing on that OF of hers, and MUCH more.

If you don't mind it would be AWESOME if you can subscribe to our Youtube page where we are going to be posting all our FULL episodes & more out of office content. Have a cocktail-centered video with Angela White coming out on there next week and even have some restaurant content in the kitchen with some Only Fans queens and critically-acclaimed chefs coming as well. Subscribe to that HERE! Thank you.

And here's the link to our *FREE* Only Fans account! We're gonna try to start posting way more on there. Show clips, videos from the guests, and more etc etc!