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Joel Dahmen, The People's Golfer, Picks Up A Fan's Beer Tab For The Day After Drilling Him With A Tee Shot During PGA Championship Practice Round

Now I don't know if this is just a rich guy thing to always have a few hundred dollar bills on you when you're on the golf course, but what a move by Joel Dahmen. Personally I've got like $10 for the bartender, and a $20 that I know I'm about to lose playing Nassau. But I guess it's not totally absurd for a guy like Joel Dahmen, who has made over $10,000,000 playing golf in his career, to roll up to Oak Hills with a few hundred dollars in his pocket. 

Regardless of the original intention for those Benny Franks, this is ultimate class by the People's Golfer. Just goes to show you that despite being a multi-millionaire, money doesn't change some folks. Joel Dahmen has always been one of us, and he'll always remain one of us. 

Let he who has never duck hooked the everliving shit out of the first tee shot throw the first stone. For most of us, that's just a breakfast ball. For Joel Dahmen, it's picking up the beer tab for the young man who just soaked a 166mph tee shot with his calf. Guy might be walking around Oak Hills with a noticeable limp for the rest of the weekend, but at least his beer was paid for. Can't ask for anything more than that. 

Here's the hoping the golf gods take notice of the good deed and throw Joel a few solid bounces this weekend. Would be great to watch that beauty in the mix on Sunday afternoon.