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Giannis Got The Internet Thinking He Wants To Join The Warriors (Again) ... Needs To Continue To Give Those Fans False Hope

As great as Jimmy Butler is at shit talking, Giannis might be the funniest dude in the league. I know I blasted him for the whole 'Bucks season wasn't a failure because there are steps to success' quote he had. But, come on, you were the No. 1 seed who lost in 5 to the Heat. Your goal was title or bust. It's why you give up all those picks to get Jae Crowder. 

But this? This I can get behind. It seems like almost every year we get some sort of rumor that Giannis is going to leave the Bucks. Shit, he's been linked to the Warriors before: 

Now it's important to note he clearly was joking about the Warriors this time ... hopefully: 

I wish he didn't say that. Let the internet run wild with him to the Warriors and more importantly give that fanbase false hope. They've had too much luck and good fortune. They got Steph because David Kahn drafted a bunch of other point guards. Steph wanted to be a Knick. They get Klay. They get Kevin Durant. I'm sick of all the good luck and titles the Warriors get to have. It's not fair to the rest of us! The last thing they need to do is land Giannis somehow at any point in his career to pair with Steph. 

Giannis should keep saying cryptic messages this offseason because why not? He's under contract with the Bucks and not like he's demanding a trade. Just fuck around with people and keep saying you're going to the Warriors. I think if there's one person who could get away with it too it's Giannis. I know the whole 'this league' thing sucks. But have fun with it and it's at least entertaining then.