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Jimmy Butler Officially Cemented Himself As One Of The Elite Shit Talkers In All Of Sports

I know it's not exactly breaking news here, but Jimmy Butler is an elite shit talker. Look at that quote and tell me how many guys in the NBA can get away with saying something like that? Think about how many guys would say something like that and immediately get made fun of. I'd say the majority of players fall into that category, another big chunk landing into the 'shut up dude' category and then there's Jimmy. 

It's impossible to hate Jimmy Butler because you have to respect the hell out of Jimmy Butler. I want to hate him, but in terms of Heat players, he falls so far down the list even as a Knicks fan. Kyle Lowry can fuck right off. Gabe Vincent and Caleb Martin? SEE YA. But there's something about Jimmy that just makes you laugh. The dude isn't afraid to talk shit to his own coach, teammates, other teams, whoever. I respect a good shit talker. 

He's calculated in what he says. You don't think he's taking a slight shot at the Sixers (and probably the Wolves) for talking about being wanted. The same Sixers that lost in 7 because they didn't have enough? Yeah, he ain't dumb. He knows what teams 'crossed him' or however you want to put it. 

But here's the real thing. Butler backs up all his shit talking, which makes it better. You can be an elite shit talker but you gotta back it up to truly hit the best of the best category. That's Jimmy Butler: 

Dude is hilarious, I don't know how else to describe him