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Nobody Runs A Tighter Ship Than This Penalty Box Attendant In The OHL

Kids these days, man. They have no respect. 

I'd imagine this old fella has been running the boxes in Peterborough since before that little shit Ryan Humphrey was a twinkle in his daddy's eyes. Gramps has seen countless legends come through Peterborough Memorial Centre. We're talking guys with names like Steve Yzerman, Chris Pronger, Rick MacLeish, Eric and Jordan Staal. You think old man gives a fuck about some punk named Ryan Humphrey? Not a chance. He didn't even know he existed until about 30 seconds ago. Unless you're a top 10 pick in the NHL Draft, you don't even register on this dude's radar. 

You take a penalty in Peterborough and your ass is sitting in that box for the full 2 minutes to feel shame whether you like it or not. Don't even think about standing up early, and don't you fucking DARE ever touch that door handle. Don't want to get completely alpha'd all night by an old man in Peterborough? Then I highly suggest you stay out of the box. 

By the way, love to see the fellas chopping it up afterwards. That's what the game is all about. Playoff hockey, tensions are running high, you say some shit you don't mean, and everybody can laugh about it afterwards.