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Nightmare Fuel: During The Closing Minutes Of Last Night's Celtics-Heat Playoff Game, YouTube TV Glitched And Showed a Continuous Loop Of Little Mermaid Commercials

You know when you hear people talk about the torture tactics used down in Guantanamo Bay? How about the stuff played on repeat in a pitch black room while you're being hazed in a frat? For the uneducated it sounds something like the clip below. 

Well, that's what a good chunk of NBA fans heard and saw around the world Wednesday night during the closing minutes of Game 1's ECF clash between the Heat and Celtics. Instead of watching Jimmy Butler steal seemingly every errant pass he could get his hands on, basketball fans were treated to a 20 minute loop of the upcoming Little Mermaid movie. I didn't know they were remaking this film, but I can say with certainty that NBA fans will now do whatever they can to make sure it reviews horribly. Could be the best movie of all time and after last night it doesn't matter. People might be done with the ocean as a whole after that debauchery. 

Quick thought: Is there a conspiracy here with Disney where this was on purpose? Similar marketing strategy that U2 used when they forced their album onto all of our iTunes accounts. Something to think about. 

It's a situation grave enough to drive any sane person to the brink of destruction. Anything and everything is on the table when you present this scenario to a die hard sports fan. 

I'm in tears just imagining what this was like. Watching your favorite team lose in the playoffs is one thing, but this is a special kind of torment. I'm not totally up to speed on the current price of YouTube TV, but I myself refuse to settle for anything less than cable. I also pay for various streaming services like a schmuck, but I need to be LIVE live for sports. As much as they assure you this kind of stuff won't happen there will always be that comfort level with cable. Call that logic archaic that's fine, but I watched the game completely fine last night.  

Sports fans' number one fear when making the full jump to cordless TV is a glitch. Being thwarted like this is unacceptable. When a big game is on there cannot be any issues occurring whatsoever. You made the jump and trusted these guys for this to go swimmingly. You can't be having Ursula and Ariel teaming up like Shaq and Kobe to ruin your life. 

Now the part of this equation that involves everyone is how this translates to the NFL. Understandably not all of us watch the NBA and certainly not everyone uses YouTube TV as their main source of television. Well, YouTube TV now has the rights for NFL Sunday Ticket and Red Zone. Yup, we're all in this boat together a few months from now. 

I got news for ya folks. A hell of a lot more people are going to be watching the NFL than Game 1 of the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals. 

When the witching hour strikes I can't be watching Ariel try to find her voice on a loop. 

Get your shit together and be ready for this x200 in the fall. God be with us all.